maxxTORQUE Expands its Diesel Community Coverage in the Pursuit of Peace

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Dan Watson, Editor of maxxTORQUE Online Diesel Community, announced efforts to promote peaceful co-existence between diesel oweners from Ford, GM, Dodge and other diesel manufacturers by the expansion of maxxTORQUE coverage beyond GM.

Since 2007, the maxxTORQUE Diesel Community has provided "in the know" articles for GM Diesel enthusiasts in both 6.2/6.5 L and Duramax flavors. maxxTORQUE's unique articles provide readers with information and perspectives they simply will not find anywhere else. For instance, maxxTORQUE writers thoroughly troubleshot and revealed the Duramax LLY overheating and thermal feedback issue: pinpointing the source of the issue, when it is most likely to occur and then suggested practical solutions to overcome the limitations of the stock configuration.

Today, maxxTORQUE Editor Dan Watson announced that the online magazine is beginning its planned coverage of the diesel community in general to include articles beyond the GM diesel family. "We have always envisioned that maxxTORQUE would provide the type of excellent articles that we have been making available on GM's 6.2/6.5L and Duramax vehicles for other diesels on the road in North America and abroad," Mr. Watson said.  "Learning to Live with the Powerstroke 6.0L EGR" looks at the problems early Powerstroke 6.0L owners encounter with the the engine's exhaust gas recirculation system as well as offering some straighforward steps to maintaining the system that can potentially save maxxTORQUE readers hundreds of dollars.

"The Powerstroke [EGR] article is the start of articles that will help readers from Ford and Dodge, as well as GM and other diesels, better understand the vehicles they drive and maintain," Mr. Watson said and then joked, "Call me a dreamer, but we envision a day when GM, Ford and Dodge owners will not only acknowledge each others' existence but actually peacefully drive on the same highways." When asked about a secret Federal administration plan to build separate Interstate systems for each of the "Big Three" diesel owners, Mr. Watson responded that the plan was "unnecessary" and a potential waste of US taxpayers dollars."Isn't there a better way?" Mr. Watson mused.

There is. maxxTORQUE Online Diesel Community offers readers valuable insights into the vehicles they own and drive as well as commentary on issues that affect the diesel community. maxxTORQUE content is available online at for an annual subscription of just $17.95.


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