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Here is an update to the discussion on man-made Global warming; the link below is for a very good presentation on global warming and is worth the time to view it. The whole scam on man-made Global warming is starting to come unhinged as more folks see the actual facts. Thank God the Copenhagen conference was a bust. Maybe some semblance of factual analysis can actually overcome the politically motivated farce that has been perpetrated on the people of the United States, let’s hope so.

Global Warming Presentation Link


EPA announces that Carbon Dioxide is a Pollutant

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President ObamaToday the EPA announced a finding that recognizes carbon dioxide (CO2) as a pollutant that threatens human health.  This act is dependent on the Clean Air Act formerly passed by Congress.  In doing this, the EPA can now regulate the emissions from any business that emits CO2.  In setting limits on CO2, the EPA can and will fine any company that exceeds amounts set by the Federal government.  The EPA and the Whitehouse are fully aware that Congress is not likely to pass the Cap and Trade Tax bill that is stuck in the Senate.  Today's EPA action is the Whitehouse are thumbing its nose at Congress and the American people in order to make the president look good at the upcoming Copenhagen conference on global warming.

This act is not only fallacious on its merit but a blatant act of tyranny.  When a government acts clearly in opposition to the democratically elected representatives of the people it becomes a government of the government, for the government and by the government; in other words, a tyranny.  Congress must reassert its authority to oversee the Executive Branch by voting to amend the Clean Air Act to exclude CO2 as a pollutant.  Unelected bureaucrats are not given dictatorial powers under the Constitution of the United States and it is incumbent on the Congress to honor their oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

In light of the revelations on "cooking the numbers" to make global warming an acceptable fact, it would seem prudent to slow down and take a second look at exactly what is going on with the climate and then consider further action if needed.  I have written about the difference between man-made global warming and natural global warming in maxxTorque and if you have not read the article, please read it (link requires membership).  My greatest concerns are now coming to life and I see the beginning of the end of a great nation.

All that you and I can do is to write our Senators and Representatives and demand they act in the best interest of this nation and not chase junk science.  Fifty percent of all electricity in the US is generated by coal fired plants and this carbon dioxide act will cause them to pay immense fines that will cause devastating rate hikes for all their customers.  I have outlined these facts in previous writings, so I will not restate those here, but I will say that my worst fears are playing out and I am getting just plain mad; it appears “Lunacy Reigns”!



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