Duramax LB7 injector Design Issues

Volume 1 Issue 2 - Duramax Issues and Answers

I would like to know any info about the LB7 injectors. Supposedly redesigned; but all replacements are remanufactures, so what changed?


2003 Duramax Brake Issues

Volume 1 Issue 2 - Duramax Issues and Answers

I own an 03 Duramax, and recently replaced the rear brake pads. Any tips on what tools to use to remove the top caliper bolt. The torx bit and the ratchet will not fit between the bolt head and the leaf spring. Also, I noticed the brake pads wear unevenly. This was typical all the way around. What is the cause?


Analog vs Digital OnStar System

Volume 1 Issue 2 - Duramax Issues and Answers

Do you know or can you find out any inside info on the pre-digital OnStar upgrades. I’ve been told Chevrolet/Verizon are presently trying to determine if it’s worth their time to come up with a solution. I’d love to use my OnStar with Verizon. I have an ‘02 DMax with the analog system. Any info would be great. Thanks.


Duramax/Allison 5th Wheel Performance and Mileage Upgrades

Volume 1 Issue 2 - Duramax Issues and Answers

I own a 2007.5 Chevy 2500HD Duramax/Allison. We recently purchased a fifth wheel trailer for travel. What upgrades will help performance and mileage without sacrificing long term reliability and durability? Thus far I have added a FS2500 oil bypass filter, Airdog fuel filtration/pump, Mag-hytec trans pan and diff cover and a DieselManor gauge set.


Duramax LB7 transmission Warm Up issue

Volume 1 Issue 2 - Duramax Issues and Answers

I have a 2001 GMC LB7 Excab 4x4. What I have happen sometimes – when I start it up and put it in drive with no warm up time – it will not move. After a couple minutes I can put it in drive and no problems. Also with no warm up time, when I stop, it feels like it goes into neutral. When I step on the pedal and rev the engine, the transmission goes clunk and then it starts moving. No codes.


Joel Paynton is an award-winning GM technician who specializes in Duramax fuel systems. He also does custom programming for any GM powertrain. Visit him on the web at www.payntonperformance.com.


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