Duramax/Allison 5th Wheel Performance and Mileage Upgrades

Volume 1 Issue 2 - Duramax Issues and Answers

I own a 2007.5 Chevy 2500HD Duramax/Allison. We recently purchased a fifth wheel trailer for travel. What upgrades will help performance and mileage without sacrificing long term reliability and durability? Thus far I have added a FS2500 oil bypass filter, Airdog fuel filtration/pump, Mag-hytec trans pan and diff cover and a DieselManor gauge set.


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You’ve made a good start! Whatever you do, don’t let anyone talk you into replacing the stock air filter system. It filters finer particles, for longer, and provides the coldest air of any air intake. The aftermarket air intakes cannot make those claims no matter what their flashy advertising says!

Good move on the additional fuel filtration. The stock one is sufficient but if you want peace of mind, the extra filter doesn’t hurt. It can actually come in quite handy in your traveling if you have to fuel up where fuel quality is not especially trustworthy.

From your information it looks like you own the new Silverado with the LMM Duramax. There’s a simple service that can do to improve you mileage and reliability: Take it in for an ECM software update. There is quite a long list of revisions to the software for the early LMM Duramax. There is even one to improve fuel economy. With that as a starting point, you can purchase a power programmer or chip. Several are now available for that engine. My recommendation is to stick with the “economy” or “tow” settings that come with any particular chip or programmer. Those settings are generally very safe and no threat to your long-term reliability. And they will provide you with additional gains to power and fuel economy. Enjoy your new truck!

Joel Paynton

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Joel Paynton is an award-winning GM technician who specializes in Duramax fuel systems. He also does custom programming for any GM powertrain. Visit him on the web at www.payntonperformance.com.


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