Problems Following Fuel Injection Pump Installation

Volume 2 Issue 2 - 6.2/6.5 Issues and Answers

I run a hauling service with a ‘97 GMC 3500 HD flat bed truck. We had a new fuel injection pump installed recently and, after the repair, the service engine light was on much of the time. The engine also idles faster than it used to and we find that the transmission will not make the final shift and go into overdrive like it used to. We have taken it back to the shop four times and they tell us the transmission is going bad, causing the engine to idle fast. They also say the service engine soon light is shorted out, that nothing is wrong. Their solution was to remove the bulb to stop that annoyance. At this point we are not so sure these guys really know what they are doing. We thoroughly enjoy your magazine and hope you can you offer advice? J.B.H.

Hello JB, chances are greater that the SES (service engine soon) system is functioning properly and that the light is trying to warn of a problem. Based on your description, I would expect that if the truck were ...

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