6.5L Diesel Land Speed Racer: Beginnings

Volume 1 Issue 3 - Diesel Articles


In 1978, Bill Heath envisioned himself racing at Bonneville. That vision remained out of reach until last Year. Now, he plans to race there this Summer – in a 6.5L GM Diesel of course...


LLY Overheating: The GM Solution and Beyond

Volume 1 Issue 3 - Diesel Articles

duramax-lly-overheating-canadian-rockiesFaced with runaway overheating and a thermal feedback loop in his LLY Duramax, Joel Paynton finds the GM LBZ cold-air intake upgrade a measurable improvement. But with one additional LBZ part, omitted in the GM service bulletin, he finds his LLY running significantly cooler – with more power.



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