Poor Fuel Economy When Towing Fifth Wheel with 2001 Duramax LB7

Duramax Issues and Answers

I have a 2001 LB7 that I tow a 30 foot fifth wheel camper. I would like a little more power to pull the hills without downshifting and better mileage when empty. I get around 16 to 18 MPG. I have 130,000 miles and new warrantied injectors. The tires are 285’s. The cruise control could work a little better and really sucks when towing. I am planning to build an Air Bag rear suspension replacement for the springs. I have a gooseneck hitch and would like to be able to back under the trailer with the air bags deflated and then reinflate them to make the hitch. I am planning a panhard bar anchored to the Diff cover bolts and frame rail. The bag bracket will mount in place of the rear spring mount. The level sensor will have to come off of something yet to be found. An electric pump and a reserve tank will be mounted on the frame rail. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Philip P.


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