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Volume 3 Issue 2 - Diesel Articles

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Duramax LML: More Power, Less Fuel
Oil Pump Flow Increased
Duramax LML's Ninth Injector
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Duramax LML's Ninth Injector

Dan Watson covers this aspect of the Duramax LML in depth in depth in his "The Ninth Injector" article. In summary, GM has taken the lead to avoid the fuel contamination issue that appeared with the introduction of the regeneration cycle for the diesel particulate filter. Forced to hastily comply with new EPA standards in 2007, GM, Ford and Dodge all decided to flood the exhaust system with fuel from the engine's standard injectors. The fuel was burned and the immense heat served to purge the DPF of the soot it had collected. The system, however, allowed diesel fuel to get into the engine oil and presented issues, especially with those drivers using synthetic oil such as AMSOIL to extend their drain intervals to one year and 15,000 miles and up (end shameless plug). Now, GM has a dedicated circuit that sends fuel directly to the DPF for the regeneration cycle and avoids that fuel contamination. No word yet on when Ford and Dodge will catch up. J

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