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6.5 Diesel PMD Strikes

The guys at Heath had a pretty good idea of the kind of power our project Sub would deliver on the chassis dyno; however, they suggested that before any dyno testing, we ought to drive our Sub in order to gain some perspective on her abilities and personality. Doing so would allow us to be better able to appreciate the value of the upgrades. As it turned out, our time on the road proved to be valuable indeed. We took turns behind the wheel, sharing our impressions of the vehicle. We were impressed with how quiet and smooth she ran and appreciated the great utility of the Suburban.

Out of nowhere, the engine stopped – just stopped – cold. Not quite as abruptly, we rolled to a stop along the roadside realizing we had – most likely – just experienced a real-world 6.5 PMD failure. After a few tries, the engine started up like nothing had ever been wrong. If we hadn’t known about the diesel PMD issue the 6.5s tend to suffer, we would have been scratching our heads wondering what had caused the stall. Fortunately, it happened on a quiet country road on a cool Washington State day and not on some rush hour-crowded freeway... at night... in the rain. So Murphy was only half-right.

The Heath guys suggested – and we agreed – that before any attempt at dyno pulls, and in order to assure a good base line performance, we should go ahead with the installation of the...

In this article...

  • 6.5 PMD Strikes
  • 6.5 Lift Pump
  • 6.5 Diesel Exhaust System
  • HO 6.5 Fuel Injectors

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Chad H said:

Re: 6.5 Diesel Suburban Renewal
I was thinking of buying a 98 gmc dually with a 6.5 turbo diesel that has 138000 miles on it. I was reading your article on the suburban build up and was wondering,did GM improve any of these reliability and power issues on the later year models? Say after 98 and up? Thanks.
December 03, 2009
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bheath said:

Click the following link for Bill Heath's (heath Diesel) response to the above question...

December 09, 2009
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