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Driving on Biodiesel
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Availability of Biodiesel

There are more than 165 biodiesel plants in operation, with many more planned. More than 1,800 petroleum distributors make biodiesel available to farmers and other consumers. And, more than 1,250 retail pumps now make the fuel available to the public.

Biodiesel is available throughout the U.S. A list of registered fuel suppliers as well as petroleum distributors and retail fueling sites is maintained through the National Biodiesel Board. This list is available at www.biodiesel.org

Hundreds of major fleets are using biodiesel, including all branches of the U.S. military, Yellowstone National Park, NASA, several state departments of transportation, major public utility fleets such as Florida Power & Light, cities such as San Francisco and Ann Arbor, Mich., and more than 200 school districts.

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duncdunc76 said:

Curious about running WVO in a 1994 suburban 6.5
Hello out there im brand new to MaxxTorque but have been a familiar fan of Heath diesel info and am so happy to have such resources available. I am a resturant owner in Indiana and about a year and a half ago i purchased a 1994 6.5 suburban in hopes of converting it to run on waste vegetable oil. The truck has some injector pump problems and my project has been mostly research thus far but knowledge has been compiling thanks to sites like this one. Ive gotten quite a bit of info on wvo conversions and the +'s and -'s of running wvo in a diesel, however in my research i would have to say all sources are not created equal and i would love to get some MaxxTorque feedback/advice from anyone involved or interested in the subject. Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice. I am quite the outdoor enthusiest in addition to being a diesel enthusiest and dream of getting my 6.5 suburban in exploring shape so i can use her to tackle another dream of mine which is to see every national park before i die. Again thanks for any info and for a great resource like MaxxTorque!
July 05, 2012
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